DELORIS radiology services

Democratizing radiology!

Healthiaso has team up with Deep Learning Institute of Radiological Sciences (DELORIS) to provide our patients, students and physicians an awesome radiology experience, now you can be on same page with your favorite radiologists

DELORIS cloud services for patients

No need to carry those films and CDs, use your phones!

DELORIS cloud services not only provide you with storage space for an year but  also beautiful interface to make it accessible to you whenever you want however you want, even on your phones?

So next time you are planning to visit your physician and need radiology scan and reports, you don’t need to run around for findings films or CDs.

DELORIS services for Physicians

See from your radiologists eye!

No need to do rely on wordy report like it’s 1950s! modernize your approach to communicate with your radiologist, understand the lesions better. Make your patients understand it better! Now you and your patient can see exactly what radiologist has described. Isn’t everything is better when everyone is on same page! Now you have an awesome tool for multidisciplinary team meetings! May you be pathologist or surgeon you will appreciate having the radiology scans easily accessible even on your phones.

So collaborate with radiologists and communicate with patients, you can choose the appropriate plan depending on number of cases you would need the collaboration for.

DELORIS services for diagnostic centers and hospitals

Empower your radiologists and physicians!

Enroll your radiologists and physicians in our system and we will provide them tools to collaborate and communicate. Your patients will have more understanding of their pathology.

Along with HEALTHIASO booking system for scans the DELORIS radiology solutions will provide unparalleled quality.

DELORIS services for residents and medical students

Real world experience!

HEALTHIASO is proud to collaborate with DELORIS and to modernize the medical education. Learn about disease processes. Learn from the teachers around the world. So choose one of the collaboration plan and choose your teachers and get started!

Choose appropriate collaboration plan and then choose your awesome teachers from our education section.

  • Ask your doubts by annotating them.
  • Learn from follow up.
  • Be part of research team

DELORIS services subscription

Choose your plan!

Healthiaso has team up with Deep Learning Institute of Radiological Sciences (DELORIS) to provide our radiologists unparalleled radiology experience, now you can explain your patients better, elucidate to your physician colleagues and have amazing research experience.

Bronze star

Get acquainted!

Try the deloris interface, organize your cases, annotate, explain to your patients and referring physician. Do more. And when you are ready upgrade to suitable package.

Upload limit per month: 15 cases

Total case storage: 30 cases

Collaboration cases per month (for radiologists, physicians, students): 50 cases

Pricing: Free

Silver star

Begin your epic journey

Start your awesome journey in radiology with silver star plan, it will get you all functionality of annotation along with ability to visualize cases on the go.

Upload limit per month: 50 cases

Total case storage: 200 case

Collaboration cases per month (for radiologists, physicians, students): 100 cases

Pricing: 15 USD/ month

Gold star

Welcome to pro league!

For those who want to do more and get more professional satisfaction. Your patients will be happy with your will to satisfy their doubts and so will be your fellow colleagues.

Upload limit per month: 250 cases

Total case storage: 1000 cases

Collaboration cases per month (for radiologists, physicians, students): 500 cases

Pricing: 70 USD/ month

Diamond star

Be the Hero you were meant to be!

When each case you do is a masterpiece, an art. It transcendents the meaning of just report and becomes an instrument of closure for patients. It shines the light on things difficult to explain. And that’s why you are a hero to your patients, colleagues and your students.

Upload limit per month: 500 cases

Total case storage: 2000 case

Collaboration cases per month (for radiologists, physicians, students): 1000 cases

Pricing: 130 USD/ month

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