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Radiology consultation for whole body MRI
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booking Rate 50.00 USD
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fixed Rate 10.00 USD
Radiology consultation for CT chest (COVID)
5.0 (1)
booking Rate 25.00 USD
Radiology Neuro consultation (in Hindi)
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booking Rate 20.00 USD
Neuro radiology brain tumor consultation
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booking Rate 40.00 USD
CT chest reporting service
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fixed Rate 6.80 USD

How to use Healthiaso

We are always trying to make your Healthiaso experience stress-free and seamless, following are steps just to ensure the same !

Step 1: Choose and Order

Search the healthcare providers based on their speciality and licensing authority based on your country.

Reach out to them and discuss if they will be taking your case. Some orders you can place directly if mentioned on their service description e.g. HRCT chest of covid scans.

If they agree, choose the appropriate order to place. If there is none the healthcare provider will create a custom offer for you. You can pay using PayPal or credit or debit card.

Step 2: Receive the order

Now the payment done by you is with us. Your healthcare provider will complete the order. The order you will receive will depend on the type of the order e.g. radiologist will provide report in form of PDF and word document, while scan center will provide you with imaging data on cloud and providing you with link.

Some orders maybe just consultations e.g. psychotherapy and it will be just one pager notes from your psychiatrist after completion of session. So there are different types of orders and accordingly they will be delivered.

Step 3: Mark order complete

The payment won’t be released to your healthcare service provider until the order is marked completed by you. You get 24 hours to review the order and once you are satisfied you can mark the order as complete and payment will be released to your healthcare service provider in their account.

If you couldn’t mark the order complete, it will be marked completed automatically after 24 hours of receiving it from provider.

Step 4: Feedback

Give feedback about your healthcare provider which will be crucial to clients like yourself who are deciding on who to go for to solve their questions.

If you are not happy with service you can raise a complain and the Healthiaso tribunal will decide after hearing from both parties. Please use this function judicially.

Detailed steps for patients

This video demonstrates the steps of HEALTHIASO.com order placement and receiving it.

How it works: steps for patients

How to place the order

How to place the order

Making it simple for our patients including the verification of healthcare providers.

For healthcare provider

Detailed steps for Healthcare providers

This video demonstrates the steps of HEALTHIASO.com how to create the service.

How to post healthcare service

How to create booking slots

Create booking slots!

Making it easier to keep tabs on appointments!

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