Chest CT scan for COVID at affording rates


The situation for COVID is becoming more and more grave with time. It is imperative that measures are taken in order to make CT chest more accessible. We at healthiaso are determined to help in any way possible to address this issue. Right now we are providing affordable CT scans in four major cities in India which are Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The CT scan done at these centers will be reported by radiologists at affordable rates.

We are also looking for scan centers who would help by lending their scanners to mitigate the COVID pandemic intensity. If you want to partner please contact us. Individualizing the reporting will be decreasing quite a workload from the radiologists.

Following are Healthiaso tie-up centers enabling us to provide services:

Mumbai center:

New Delhi center:

Hyderabad center:

Bangalore center:


Following are radiology services:

General radiologist

Chest radiologist


April 8, 2021